Understanding Sexual Assault


Rape is sexual intercourse without consent.  This may be through actual physical force or threat of force.  It may also be an implied threat such as a hand raised, a fist in someone's face, or any time a victim is physically and /or mentally unable to give consent (i.e. when intoxicated).

Sexual Assault:

Sexual assault is sexual contact without consent.  Rape, which is one form of sexual assault, is sexual intercourse without consent.  Sexual assault is an act of violence used to degrade, control and humiliate the victim.  We refer to a person who has been through this ordeal as a "survivor".

Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual behavior.  Examples include, touching, grabbing, or pinching; touching oneself in a sexual manner in front of others; sending obscene letters or making obscene phone calls.  Name-calling or rumors of a sexual nature, stares or whistling, making fun of another persons' body out loud, stalking, and displaying or sending pornographic pictures or cartoons are also considered sexual harassment behavior.

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