Crisis Line:  812-537-1302
Toll Free:      877-849-1248
Trained volunteers and staff provide free and confidential services to survivors of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and to their family 
and friends.

Services include 24 hour crisis line, hospital accompaniment, emotional support, emergency referrals, peer counseling, and accompaniment to 
police interviews, prosecutor meetings and court proceedings.

Support Groups:
Support groups are offered free of charge for survivors of sexual assault. Participants have an opportunity to talk about their victimizations in an
 open, non-judgmental setting.  A facilitator leads the discussion and offers activities and resources to aid the survivor in the process of recovery 
from a sexual assault.

Community Education:
In-service training is provided to medical personnel, hospitals, law enforcement, school staff and other professionals.  Awareness and prevention programs are offered to community groups and organizations.

Support and Advocacy Services (SAS) hosts an annual "Take Back the Night" reception in recognition of sexual violence against women and men.

Other Services:
Besides providing support and advocacy services to survivors of sexual assault, DIRECTIONS! will also provide service and/or referrals for survivors of domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.

All support services are free and confidential.  Volunteers are specifically trained in issues surrounding sexual assault, stalking, sexual harassment and domestic violence.  SAS is a member of the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN).

Break The Silence
24/7 Crisis 812-537-1302
Toll Free 877-849-1248